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Xerox Copiers Repair

Xerox Copier Repair | Onsite Xerox Copier Printer Repair | Same-day Xerox Copier printer Repair

For over seven years, businesses have paid for professional, prompt, and reliable service from Main IT Services. We provide on-site printer repair and maintenance services.

We provide same-day service with an immediate response time, so you can feel secure that our support is available for you at any time. We will do all we can to ensure your equipment runs in optimal condition and avoid costly downtime.

We provide all of our services below, and you can schedule a service appointment by submitting a service request (Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST).


Nationwide Coverage Available

Factory-trained and Experienced Technicians

Same-day 4-hour Response Time

Multi-Manufacturer Support

Complete Cleaning and Full System Diagnostic

Industry-leading 90-day Warranty on Labor

Industry-leading 2-year Warranty on some Parts

Automated Customer Alerts from Start to Finish

Call us and talk to an experienced representative today for more details or click here Submit Request to submit a request online.

On-site Maintenance & Repair

We are a 24/7 service provider and provide same-day service and a 4-hour response time for all requests (in most areas and receiving your service request before midnight ET). Call for more details about our services, and we'll have the equipment set up before you know it.

Our technicians are trained in thorough inspections, and they also perform any necessary repairs. Our technicians take care to carry out the service work quickly and efficiently, and the equipment is tested for full functionality before they leave. Our technicians have common parts used for most repairs, which are located in multiple warehouses, or you can alternatively have us ship the parts required directly to you. All parts have a one-year warranty, all hardware comes with a six-month warranty, and we offer our 90-day labor warranty.

We offer on-site service and preventive maintenance. I wonder how often your equipment has been properly inspected and cleaned recently? Did you know that most health problems can be minimized by regularly inspecting and cleanliness on your part? For the same reason as a car, most manufacturers have recommended maintenance schedules for copiers and printers. Our preventative maintenance service extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime.

On-site service and preventative maintenance are provided "as-needed," or we can work with you to set up a maintenance contract to cover all your repair and maintenance needs.

Maintenance & Service Agreements

Based on the printing requirements, we can offer different types of printing service agreements, including maintenance service, all repair costs, and all printing supplies (e.g., toners). For a monthly cost, you can ensure that all equipment is well maintained, that all repairs and supplies are covered and that all deliveries are made at the location of your business.

All products include scheduled preventative maintenance visits to keep equipment trouble-free and perform thorough cleaning and inspection procedures to keep equipment in peak operating condition. Contact us today for a custom service and maintenance plan for your printing equipment.

Installation & Relocation

We can assist with installing and setting up your new equipment, whether you purchased it from us or not. Our technician will set up and configure your system so it can function well in the research environment.

We can help with the transfer if your company is relocating, or you need to shift a computer to another venue. Our technician will properly disassemble and pack your equipment and will set it up and install it at the new location.

Call us and talk to speak to an experienced representative today for more details or click here Submit Request to submit a request online.

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