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Trade-in Program

Trade-in Program

Sell your phone /Laptop/gadget in less than 30 mins.

Common reasons when people approach us:

My device has been in my drawer since ages

The screen was broken 

It doesn’t turn on 

I just bought it a week ago 

It is still sealed Box 

I bought it off a Telecom service contract

It’s my boss's extra phone he wants me to sell it

We buy it all and we pay you cash, and we come to your home ASAP

Reasons when people REALLY need us:

I’ve been trying to sell it 

I have received 10 calls 10 people came to see the phone

10 people still negotiating 

I’ve put my device on 3 classified websites 

I’ve told my friends that I want to sell my phone

Why take the headache when you can get top value and we can come your home and buy your phone off you in 30 minutes.

We make selling easy 120 seconds inspection time, and you get paid cash at your doorstep.

To get top Trade-in Value of your device contact us using our contact page with subject: Trade-in Program.