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Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

Sometimes you wonder how much a laptop hinge repair will cost. Sometimes it is both the Laptop Hinge and frame which needs to be repaired. Sometimes we ask questions like; How much does it cost to repair a laptop hinge? How much does it cost to fix a broken laptop hinge? Why do laptop hinges break? Can a broken hinge on a laptop be fixed? Is it expensive? Does it worth it? and so on. Broken laptop hinges are fairly common problems but can be fixed quickly with the right parts and experience.

How much does laptop hinge repair cost?

Generally, repairing a laptop hinge can cost from $75.00 to $270.00, when you have experienced professional engineers on board. Nevertheless, the cost may change depending on the brand of laptop you have and the level of damage on it.

Here is a price list of our laptop hinge repair costs ranging from the brand of laptops.

Brands: Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba

Acer Laptop Hinge
$200.00 - $270.00
ASUS Laptop Hinge
$100.00 - $150.00
Dell Laptop Hinge
$200.00 - $250.00
HP Laptop Hinge
$80.00 - $150.00
Lenovo Laptop hinge
$250.00 - $300.00
Samsung Laptop hinge
$100.00 - $200.00
Toshiba Laptop Hinge
$150.00 - $200.00

Pricing depends on the type of unit and the cost of the part(s). For a Free estimate, contact us today.

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