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Association of Computer Repair

We are an excellent member of the Computer Repair Business Owners Association (ACRBO). ACRBO promotes the knowledge of customers of businesses that fix equipment, computers, and networks. It is one of the largest of its kind in the United States with over 3,000 members and its international presence has grown significantly in recent years.

While many IT firms use ethical business practices, few well-known organizations actively promote these beneficial practices in our industry. The Computer Repair Business Owners Association offers a range of free resources for consumers including an ethical contractor directory; its core principles reflect our loyalty to our customers.

Main IT Services also stress openness and customer service at Main IT Services. Professional organizations, we believe, are extremely important to IT services, and the Computer Repair Business Owners Association provides a standard code of ethics and a variety of resources to consumers. To retain our membership, we follow the ethics code of the association. During the data recovery cycle, we advise our customers of their choices, use fair pricing strategies and contribute to industrial education. If you are looking for a computer service, you should insist on a company that uses impartial means to evaluate its business ethics. Unfortunately, some providers exaggerate their damage reports, misstate turnaround times or present their clients with misleading cost estimates. We provide fair estimates, and our commitment to organizations like ACRBO demonstrate our ethical approach.

At Main IT Services, we have grown our company through customer-friendly practices and the best possible techniques.