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Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

Main IT Services Virtual Desktop Services can boost user satisfaction, corporate resilience, and employee mobility.

Enable Mobile or Remote Work

When workers are able to accomplish their jobs from home, the company doesn't have to slow down. Main IT Services Virtual Desktop Services ensures that your staff has safe remote access to all of the files and programs they need to complete their jobs. Whether they are using personal or company-issued devices, they will have access to the same high-quality desktop experience.

Increase Efficiency through Easier Access

Be prepared for anything these days. Your disaster recovery plan and business uptime can be bolstered by using cloud-based desktop instances that are duplicated in case of an emergency. If an employee's primary workstation goes down, their remote session will be automatically transferred to a secondary workstation.

Improve Cybersecurity to Keep Data Safe

While protecting your data and privacy should be a top priority, it can take a lot of time to set up and maintain proper security measures. If you use Main IT Services Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services, our operations staff will take care of your desktop infrastructure, including installing updates and patches, adjusting settings, and enforcing security standards.

For remote access control that doesn't disrupt operations, we'll assist you in implementing industry-standard methods of authentication and authorization.

Improve Organizational Stability and Maintain Productive Employees

By running on Main IT Services Hosted Private Cloud, which is powered by Amazon, and taking advantage of the latest in desktop virtualization technology, Main IT Services Virtual Desktop Services may give your users a better managed desktop experience than they've ever had before.

Desktop as a service (DaaS), or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), allows users to access their desktop applications and data from any internet-connected device, regardless of their physical location. We'll set up your infrastructure so they have access to the same high performance and excellent user experience they would have in the office.

But great performance and a top-notch user experience don't come from nowhere. It requires state-of-the-art equipment and a competent staff.

Main IT Services Engineers have extensive training and experience with Amazon. In addition, they have extensive knowledge of setting up and personalizing VDIs. This is made possible by using Amazon's Main IT Services Hosted Private Cloud, which is both secure and geographically separated.

Your Main IT Service VDI Services team will provide you with best-in-class performance and availability, along with round-the-clock monitoring and support, after you're up and running. The cloud-based VDI environment offered by Main IT Services is the ideal mobile and remote computing solution for organizations worried about the continuity and productivity of their staff thanks to its quick setup, scalability, and exceptional support.

Let's talk about how we can improve your remote and mobile users' experiences and restructure IT so that your business can move more quickly and efficiently.

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