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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business in terms of sales and even visibility. With a plethora of businesses out there, it is quite important to advertise online and SEM provides both the roadmap and platforms to undertake the same. Search Engine Marketing provides an opportunity for businesses to place their ads and message in front of motivated customers who are ready to purchase the offerings of the brand.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Look Like on our End?

Right from researching the keywords to making ad copies and making them live, we help our clients to leverage the full potential of the Search Engine Marketing.We clearly understand the objective that a client wishes to achieve from SEM and adopt an agile approach that chops the whole objective into milestones. Apart from keeping in mind the overall objective, we consider specific target audience in the whole of the process. Once the targeted and relevant keywords are finalized, compelling ad copies are made that encourages the target audience to undertake the desired action. We also assist our clients in making a landing page that delivers specific information about a product or service to the potential leads.

Our continuous monitoring of the ads helps us find out any deviation from the overall objective set in the first place.

With optimization of the ad campaigns, we endeavor to bring back everything on the track.

The easy-to-understand reporting for the clients keeps them in the loop at every step and furnish them with necessary numbers indicating the growth of the business.

We offer a large number of services under our Search Engine Marketing.

The ad types and platforms that we cover under this head includes:

Google AdWords

We leverage the Google AdWords for businesses that are willing to advertise on Google and its advertising network.

Our eye-catching creative, engaging content and a very strong call to action button lure the onlookers towards taking the necessary action.

We endeavor to reach the potential leads with our strong and precise targeting.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Under our Yahoo Search Marketing, we deliver tailored display ads to the precisely targeted audience so as to increase traffic on your website and generate leads for your products or services. Continuous monitoring of the ads and their optimization on the basis of their performance help achieve the overall objective.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads (formerly known as Microsoft Adcenter) offer pay per click advertising service on both Bing and Yahoo platform.

We leverage both of these platforms to reach to your target audience based on their age, gender, occupation, country and various other targeting tactics and criteria.

The creative ad copies for Bing ads further act as a driving force to convert the leads into customers.


We endeavor to reach the right audience with the help of right keywords. Before commencing a campaign, we undertake a thorough research on keywords and search phrases that are both relevant and currently trending among the users. Apart from finding out keywords, their search volume is also noted down. All in all, the research and volume help you in setting the budget for the keywords you want.

Ad groups

With our Ad Groups, you can have one or more than one ad clubbed together and displayed on the advertising network of the Google.

The ad groups are generally formed on the basis of categories of the products of services that you want to display it to your targeted market.

Every step is undertaken to optimize the Ad Groups so as to reduce the cost per click of ads.

Ad copy

The Ad Copies that we create for our various digital advertisement methods boasts of creativity.

Apart from being attention-arresting, our advertisement creative come with engaging content that makes the onlookers take the desired action.

We offer ad copies in various sizes and dimension, and all of them are made keeping in mind the standard guidelines laid down by the search engines.

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